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A classic-style tugboat floating on crystal-clear, blue water near the shoreline with green coniferous trees.An open-air tour boat with a small group of people in front of a white and red brick lighthouse, known as Cove Island Lighthouse, on a clear, sunny summer day.An overhead image of an open-air tour boat floating on crystal-clear, blue water. On the boat, there is a small group of people looking at the rocky shoreline.An open-air tour boat with a group of people in front of a sea cave known as the Grotto on a clear, sunny summer day.A classic-style tugboat anchored in front of a cliff, surrounded by clear water with people swimming around the boat.

Your Passport to Adventure.

"Excellent tour with a very interesting and knowledgeable guide. Also felt very safe in the captains hands. I would highly recommend this tour. Top notch service from the booking people as well."

"Great historical and cultural commentary during the cruise. Scenery was amazing. Saw the flowerpots, shipwrecks, grottos and the amazing turquoise blue water."

"This is a well thought out tour....just enough time spent in open water travelling between sites and visit times and information at each site just right."

"This adventure was fantastic and I would highly recommend it. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The wave II was comfortable and is suited for children and seniors."

"Great experience, right from online booking to answering queries to the actual tour itself. The guide was knowledgeable and accommodated everyone. I felt it was worth the money we paid."

A tour guide holding the skull of a beaver while giving a presentation about wildlife in the area, with a small lighthouse in the background.
Shipwrecks, Grotto & Flowerpots Tour
Open air tour boat close to a sea cave in clear blue water.

All the highlights of our two national parks in one spectacular tour! Travel over 35 km of clear, turquoise waters. See the shipwrecks, flowerpots, and the grotto all in one tour. Gaze up at towering cliffs, peer into sea caves, and learn how it all came to be. Join us aboard the stylish Wave II and behold iconic landmarks as part of an exclusive small group of explorers. Fathom Five National Marine Park awaits you!

2 Hours 20 Minutes

Adult $72 | Senior $67 | Children $63 (+hst)

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Flowerpots, Grotto and Golden Cliffs Tour
Cliff shinning in the sun before sunset.

As the sun get lower to the horizon it casts a golden glow over the Niagara Escarpment cliffs all the way to spectacular Cave Point. The tour visits Flowerpot Island with its iconic "Flowerpots" across to the Grotto and down to Cave Point. 38 kilometers, our most spectacular route! Available weekends in July and August.

2 Hours 25 Minutes

Adult $72 | Senior $67 | Children $63 (+hst)

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Private Tours
A classic-style tugboat anchored in front of a cliff, surrounded by clear water with people swimming around the boat.

Create your own private tour for an exclusive adventure within the beautiful Fathom Five National Marine Park! Have the boat all to yourselves, choose your destinations, and stop for a swim along the way (weather permitting). It's the most economical option for large groups.

3.5 Hours | 4.5 Hours | 6 Hours | 8 Hours

Starting at $925

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We value quality over quantity. You won't be on a boat with hundreds of people; we limit our tours to a maximum of 33 or less, and our smaller, more maneuverable vessels will get you much closer for the best photos.

    Our educational tours are the only ones that go to all three of the most iconic places: the Shipwrecks, Flowerpots, and the Grotto. Our marine adventures are longer in duration and cover a greater distance. Rather than listening to a loudspeaker, our tours are led by knowledgeable guides for an interactive and personal experience. Our presentation is closely linked with Parks Canada's philosophy and inspired by the stories of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

  • Due to the extended distance covered on our tours, there is simply not enough time to drop off guests at any site. However, if you are visiting for more than one day, we recommend that both activities are worth doing on separate days. They offer completely different experiences.

  • Firstly, the glass bottom is not what people think; it is actually a viewing window in the hull, which when surrounded by many people, is often hard to see through. Most passengers end up looking over the side for a wider perspective anyway.

    On a calm, sunny day, the shipwrecks are amazing to see whether through a glass window or over the side. On the other hand, if it is windy and overcast, the viewing will be reduced with or without the window. Though we don't have the glass, the wrecks are easily viewed by looking over the side. Our captains are skilled in rotating the boat to "smooth" the water's surface and create a glasslike appearance.

  • We offer private versions of our regular tours; not only will you have the boat all to yourselves, but if you have a group of 14 or more, you will save money over the individual ticket price.

    Larger groups can save over 50%

    Call us at 226.974.1880 for details.

  • We are all dog lovers at TWA, so Fido travels for free.

    When making the decision whether to bring your dog, please consider that they will have limited space and will not be able to move around too much throughout the tour. A boat ride for over two hours in the sun is generally not the best place for some dogs, but you are the best judge of your dog's tolerance level for such an activity. We also must consider that there may be other passengers on board who have allergies, fears, or cultural concerns regarding dogs. For this reason, if you want to bring your furry friend, you will be asked to sit in a separate, assigned space at the rear of the vessel. There is only one such place on our boat, so call ahead to make sure that this is reserved for you.

    Before booking, call us at +1 (226) 974 1880 to add Fido to your ticket with no additional charge. Because of the restricted space, we limit the size of your dog to a maximum of 50 pounds. Two small dogs with a combined weight of 50 pounds, who are in the same family, may be accepted. Documented service dogs are always welcome, but again please call ahead. Friendly dogs of any size are always welcome on our private tours. Remember, hot cars kill dogs, so please plan ahead!

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to get in touch.