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Cancelation Policy

For your comfort and safety we reserve the right to cancel any cruise or charter due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances and you will receive an automatic full refund. For our scheduled wave ii cruises, if you choose to cancel providing 72 hours notice or more we will also provide a full refund. A refund will not be provided for any reason within 72 hours of departure or if you are not on board at the departure time. For our private charter group bookings, the cancellation time required for a refund is 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We value quality over quantity. You won't be on a boat with hundreds of people; we limit our tours to a maximum of 33 or less, and our smaller, more maneuverable vessels will get you much closer for the best photos.

    Our educational tours are the only ones that go to all three of the most iconic places: the Shipwrecks, Flowerpots, and the Grotto. Our marine adventures are longer in duration and cover a greater distance.

    Rather than listening to a loudspeaker, our tours are led by knowledgeable guides for an interactive and personal experience. Our presentation is closely linked with Parks Canada's philosophy and inspired by the stories of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

  • Due to the extended distance covered on our tours, there is simply not enough time to drop off guests at any site. However, if you are visiting for more than one day, we recommend that both activities are worth doing on separate days. They offer completely different experiences.

  • Firstly, the glass bottom is not what people think; it is actually a viewing window in the hull, which when surrounded by many people, is often hard to see through. Most passengers end up looking over the side for a wider perspective anyway.

    On a calm, sunny day, the shipwrecks are amazing to see whether through a glass window or over the side. On the other hand, if it is windy and overcast, the viewing will be reduced with or without the window. Though we don't have the glass, the wrecks are easily viewed by looking over the side. Our captains are skilled in rotating the boat to "smooth" the water's surface and create a glasslike appearance.

  • We offer private versions of our regular tours; not only will you have the boat all to yourselves, but if you have a group of 14 or more, you will save money over the individual ticket price.

    Larger groups can save over 50%

    Call us at 226.974.1880 for details.

  • We are all dog lovers at TWA, so Fido travels for free.

    When making the decision whether to bring your dog, please consider that they will have limited space and will not be able to move around too much throughout the tour. A boat ride for over two hours in the sun is generally not the best place for some dogs, but you are the best judge of your dog's tolerance level for such an activity. We also must consider that there may be other passengers on board who have allergies, fears, or cultural concerns regarding dogs. For this reason, if you want to bring your furry friend, you will be asked to sit in a separate, assigned space at the rear of the vessel. There is only one such place on our boat, so call ahead to make sure that this is reserved for you.

    Before booking, call us at +1 (226) 974 1880 to add Fido to your ticket with no additional charge. Because of the restricted space, we limit the size of your dog to a maximum of 50 pounds. Two small dogs with a combined weight of 50 pounds, who are in the same family, may be accepted. Documented service dogs are always welcome, but again please call ahead. Friendly dogs of any size are always welcome on our private tours. Remember, hot cars kill dogs, so please plan ahead!

  • Once you arrive for your Private Tour you can discuss what you would like to see with your crew. In order to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience for you, your captain will help you decide on the best option based on the wind and wave conditions that day.

    Most people like to choose to go with a private version of our famous Shipwrecks, Flowerpots and Grottos route, but private groups don't have to do those sites if they would rather see something different. In fact, there are hundreds of kilometres of remote shorelines that are far from the crowds. These include Cove Island with its serene, emerald lagoon and iconic light station. Other islands to consider could include: the Otters, Echo, Russel and Bears Rump. You also have the option to travel along the spectacular Niagara Escarpment shoreline taking in sites such as: Driftwood Cove, Overhanging Point and the spectacular Cave Point.

    The longer the time frame, the more options are available to you. Another consideration is the speed of the boat, the Wave II is much faster than the Nor'Light, so you can see more in less time. You can request where you would like to go when you make your reservation, the choices are endless, but keep in mind that the final decision will always be made, based on the lake conditions of that day.

  • All, or most of the time on a regular private tour is spent sightseeing. The boat will be traveling from place to place. On a swim tour, the focus will be on the swimming experience. The vessel will travel a shorter distance, will anchor so that the engine can be shut off, the ladder dropped and you can swim safely around the boat. For swim tours we will choose a calm quiet bay, away from the crowds and out of the wind. Here you can relax and enjoy your time in the peace and quiet of nature.

  • Firstly, why would you want to pay for a private boat and spend most of your time walking around on shore?
    Fathom Five National Marine Park is a remote area where the islands are considered to be untouched, wildlife sanctuaries with no public access. Flowerpot Island is the only one accessible to the public. There are also no docks or safe landing areas for our boats.

  • Tobermory Wave Adventures does not rent kayaks. We offer "Mothership Kayaking". As an experienced kayaker, you can enjoy a day of worry free paddling with the backup of the mothership.

    If you are part of an organized or experienced group of kayakers and are bringing your own or rented kayaks, our vessel the Nor'Light can transport your group and boats out to remote areas. Your options could include paddling the west side of Cove Island or possibly exploring the cliffs at the Grotto and Cave Point.

    We'll drop your group off in the morning and pick you up later on in the day. Prices are based on the 4.5 hour charter time. We can accommodate a group of up to 12 persons and their boats. The advantage of this type of experience is that you don't have to paddle such long distances across open stretches of water or worry about wind or weather changes while you are out on the water.

  • You can find our boats Wave II and Nor'Light located in the middle of downtown Tobermory, below the War Memorial/Cenotaph. You will find more information regarding our location on your e-ticket once you have made your reservation.

  • Parking is often a challenge, especially in the high season. There are many hotels in Tobermory that are located just a short walk from our boats. Booking at one of these hotels is certainly the best option.
    If driving into town make sure to allow plenty of extra time. There are paid parking spaces located next to our boats; however, these are limited and tend to fill up fast. We recommend that you park at the public, all day lot situated at 38 Legion Street, Tobermory. You will have a 10 minute walk to the boats from there. A parking map is available on your ticket. You can drive right up to the boats and drop the family off first, that way just the driver needs to do the walking.

  • If driving to Tobermory on the day of your tour, firstly pay attention to your departure time, plan your journey (including stops) so that you arrive in Tobermory a minimum of 50 minutes ahead of your departure. This will give you enough time to find parking, walk to the boat, use the washroom and then check in to your tour. You will be boarding the vessel 15 minutes prior to departure time in order to hear a safety briefing and orientation before the boat leaves the dock. Our vessels are on a tight schedule, especially with the shipwreck viewing, so we can not hold the boat for you!
    You will find some helpful tips on planning your arrival under "the things you need to know" section on your ticket.

  • The Nor'Light has a washroom (head) located on board the vessel. The Wave II does not have a washroom due to the type of boat; however, there are washrooms located near our dock on the north and south side of the harbour. Our staff can direct you when you check in but make sure to allow enough time.

  • Tobermory is a great place to sit on a bench, eat a double scoop and watch the world go by. Please allow extra time before your tour or better still, plan to do this afterwards, as we do not allow ice cream cones on the boat when you board. As you can imagine, this rule comes from many years of messy clean-ups.

  • We do NOT rent Sea-Doo's, boats or kayaks. No business in Tobermory will rent Sea-Doo's or motorized boats. If you would like to rent a boat complete with crew, for a custom experience, you can find more information on our private tour page.

  • For your comfort and safety, we reserve the right to cancel any cruise or charter due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, and you will automatically receive a full refund. For our scheduled Wave II tours, if you choose to cancel providing notice of 72 hours or more, we will also provide a full refund. A refund will not be provided for any reason within 72 hours of departure or if you are not on board at the time of departure. See ticket for more details. For our private charter bookings, the cancellation time required for a refund is 14 days.

  • The Wave II is not wheelchair accessible but we will still do our best to accommodate all folks with special needs. Please call ahead and let us know what assistance you require (if any) when you make your reservation. Our rep will recommend that you arrive early and the crew will help your group to get seated before everyone else boards the boat. You will be able to choose your seat and won't feel rushed.

    Our private charter vessel Nor'Light is fairly wheelchair accessible but still requires a limited walking ability in order to use the washroom due to a slight step over at the door. The toilet is a raised height model. Our private tours are a wonderful way to customize an amazing experience tailored exactly to you.

    Many pregnant ladies have joined our tours in the past and have safely enjoyed the experience. The ride on the Wave II is generally very smooth but can be affected by stronger wave conditions on some days. If you are concerned, it is best that you discuss with your doctor if a boat tour is right for you and your little stowaway.
    Boat tours in general are not recommended for persons with neck or back injuries or for people with serious heart conditions.

  • Feel free to bring snacks and drinks on our scheduled Shipwrecks, Grottos and Flowerpots tours. You may bring a lunch such as a sandwich, but please no messy foods such as ice cream, pizza or fish and chips.

    All foods should be brought in reusable containers, no single use plastics or styrofoam is allowed on our boats. It is a pack on, pack off experience, this again requires that you plan ahead. Single use plastics are playing havoc with our marine environments and we want to be part of the solution and not the cause.


  • Our cruises take place on days when it is completely flat and also on days when it is more windy with wave conditions - this is Mother Nature and you should be prepared for either. If we feel that safety could be compromised or simply that it will be very uncomfortable for you, we will cancel the tour.

    Our vessel Wave II has an extremely well designed hull, she rides well across waves to give you the smoothest ride possible that day. Sea sickness is a rare occurrence. The flared hull design ensures that the waves go out and away from the boat and passengers, meaning that you will rarely get wet. On very windy days the wind can whip up the surface of the lake causing spray to blow in, so it is always a good idea to bring a raincoat just in case.

  • We can usually accommodate your stroller on board our vessels, it is best if they are the fold up variety with the small frame. If the boat is full, we may have to store it for you in another area, such as on one of our other boats.
    Parents with infants or toddlers may prefer to leave the kiddo in the stroller to sleep, which is possible when seated at the front of our vessel. If you would like to do this, it is important that you are in the boarding line first to secure this spot. Plan to arrive early and it doesn't hurt to call our TWA rep ahead to let them know that you will have a stroller with you. Remember that we may have more than one family with a stroller per boat and it is first come first served. Even on the warmest of summer days the windchill on the lake can be a factor for your infant. Remember to bring a blanket to shelter them from wind and sun.

  • Our vessels are in full compliance with Transport Canada regulations. This means that we carry a full complement of safety equipment including life jackets for everyone on board. You may feel more secure bringing your own for you or your child and are most welcome to do so, but keep in mind that most jackets that are for pleasure boat use are in fact PFDs and not approved life jackets. In the rare case of an emergency you will be required to remove your jacket and wear one of ours.
    Right before each cruise, we always spend a little time discussing where the safety equipment can be found and how to use it. We also go over some guidelines regarding children on board to make sure their experience is a safe one.
    Our experienced crews have never had to deal with an overboard situation for one of our passengers as we are focused on preventing such incidents, though we don't quite have the same safety record for baseball caps.

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to get in touch.