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Private Tour

A classic-style tugboat anchored in front of a cliff, surrounded by clear water with people swimming around the boat.

Explore Fathom Five National Marine Park with our private tours. Perfect for larger groups or couples/families, you can split the cost for larger gatherings. We're also dog-friendly! Enjoy customised experiences, picnics, swimming, and snorkelling in this stunning park. Celebrate special occasions or go kayaking with our mothership kayaking option for up to 12 paddlers.

Private Nor'Light Tours

A dad with his son and daughter swimming in crystal-clear water.

Swim Tour (3.5h)

$925 + hst

12 persons

A classic-style tugboat floating on crystal-clear, blue water near the shoreline with green coniferous trees.

Sightseeing Tour (4.5h)

$1070 + hst

12 persons

A large rocky cliff overlooking clear, blue water.

Sightseeing Tour (3.5h)

$925 + hst

12 persons

A rocky shoreline featuring a rock formation known as a Flowerpot, coniferous trees, and crystal-clear blue water.

Sightseeing Tour (6h)

$1380 + hst

12 persons

Private Wave II Tours

An open-air tour boat with a small group of people in front of a white and red brick lighthouse, known as Cove Island Lighthouse, on a clear, sunny summer day.

Two National Parks + Cave Point (2.75h)

$1101 + hst

34 persons

A man standing on an open-air tour boat that is in front or a rock formation known as a Flowerpot.

Flowerpots, Wrecks & Grotto (2.3h)

$975 + hst

34 persons

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you arrive for your Private Tour you can discuss what you would like to see with your crew. In order to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience for you, your captain will help you decide on the best option based on the wind and wave conditions that day.

    Most people like to choose to go with a private version of our famous Shipwrecks, Flowerpots and Grottos route, but private groups don't have to do those sites if they would rather see something different. In fact, there are hundreds of kilometres of remote shorelines that are far from the crowds. These include Cove Island with its serene, emerald lagoon and iconic light station. Other islands to consider could include: the Otters, Echo, Russel and Bears Rump. You also have the option to travel along the spectacular Niagara Escarpment shoreline taking in sites such as: Driftwood Cove, Overhanging Point and the spectacular Cave Point.

    The longer the time frame, the more options are available to you. Another consideration is the speed of the boat, the Wave II is much faster than the Nor'Light, so you can see more in less time. You can request where you would like to go when you make your reservation, the choices are endless, but keep in mind that the final decision will always be made, based on the lake conditions of that day.

  • All, or most of the time on a regular private tour is spent sightseeing. The boat will be traveling from place to place. On a swim tour, the focus will be on the swimming experience. The vessel will travel a shorter distance, will anchor so that the engine can be shut off, the ladder dropped and you can swim safely around the boat. For swim tours we will choose a calm quiet bay, away from the crowds and out of the wind. Here you can relax and enjoy your time in the peace and quiet of nature.

  • Firstly, why would you want to pay for a private boat and spend most of your time walking around on shore?

    Fathom Five National Marine Park is a remote area where the islands are considered to be untouched, wildlife sanctuaries with no public access. There are no docks or safe landing areas for our boats. Flowerpot Island is the only one accessible to the public.

  • Tobermory Wave Adventures does not rent kayaks. We offer "Mothership Kayaking". As an experienced kayaker, you can enjoy a day of worry free paddling with the backup of the mothership.

    If you are part of an organized or experienced group of kayakers and are bringing your own or rented kayaks, our vessel the Nor'Light can transport your group and boats out to remote areas. Your options could include paddling the west side of Cove Island or possibly exploring the cliffs at the Grotto and Cave Point.

    We'll drop your group off in the morning and pick you up later on in the day. Prices are based on the 4.5 hour charter time. We can accommodate a group of up to 12 persons and their boats. The advantage of this type of experience is that you don't have to paddle such long distances across open stretches of water or worry about wind or weather changes while you are out on the water.

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Private Tour Requests

If you didn’t find what you were looking for above make a custom request below. In order to book a private tour you have to go through an inquire process. Someone from Tobermory Wave Adventures will get in contact with you regarding next steps. Note: sending in an inquire is not a private tour booking.